Why Is My Primus Internet So Slow?

How do I cancel my Primus Internet Ontario?

If You subscribe for Service(s) on a monthly basis, You may cancel Your Service(s) at any time, by contacting Primus Customer Care by telephone at 1-866-367-5435..

Who is the cheapest home Internet provider?

For the absolute cheapest internet plans, look to DSL providers such as AT&T, Frontier and Windstream. Cox, a cable provider, also offers a cheap basic internet plan in select areas.

What’s the fastest Internet in Canada?

Rogers and Bell followed in second and third place Vancouver-based national carrier Telus has ranked first as the fastest internet service provider (ISP) in Canada, according to PCMag’s recent study.

How do I return my Primus modem?

To facilitate your return process, we recommend the following steps:Use the Return slip, which you have received with your Primus package to fill in the reason of return in the designated fields. … Contact our Customer Service to receive a pre-paid shipping labelvia our form found here (opens in a new window.)More items…

How do I log into my Smart RG router?

1. Enter info the address bar at in your web browser. Click on Manage Gateway (advanced) and login with username: admin and password: admin (if your modem has been properly reset.

Why is my Iprimus internet so slow?

If you are experiencing slow speeds or connection issues with your WiFi it may be the quality of your wireless connection. The performance of your WiFi can be affected by, but is not limited to: Distance from Access Point (Modem / Router) Thick Walls.

Is Primus Internet any good?

Primus Home Internet Plans are all unlimited and offer a good array of varied speeds. Though Primus being a close mimic to Bell or Rogers Home Internet plans, does suffer from the same high monthly fees and contract traps.

How do I access my Primus router?

Log in to the modemOpen a web browser.Locate your browser’s address bar and enter the modem’s IP address (192.168. 1.1). You should see a page similar to the one below.Click on Advanced Configuration.Log in with the following information: Username: admin. Password: admin.

Who is the best Internet provider in Canada?

The Fastest ISPs in Canada The battle for the top spot in Canada usually boils down to two companies: cable provider Rogers, and Bell Canada. Rogers clung to the top spot for the most part through 2017.

What is Primus Internet speed?

Speeds up to 250 Mbps Download, upload & stream with ease. Reliable Service We bring Canada’s most established networks home to you for service you can count on. Up to 11 email accounts included Anti-virus and Anit-spam protection.

What network does Primus use?

Rogers networkWhat network does Primus Wireless operate on? Primus Wireless service accesses the Rogers network. Extended coverage is available to existing customers with a compatible device and with data roaming enabled (for access to data services). Intended for limited personal use.