Why Does My Poop Look Like It Has Seeds In It?

Why does my poop look like it has black seeds in it?

What are black specks in stool.

Your stool is a combination of water, undigested food material (mostly fiber), mucus, and bacteria.

Commonly, stool is brown in color due to the presence of bile that the intestinal bacteria break down.

Black specks or flecks can be old blood present in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract..

What causes grainy poop?

If you’ve noticed that your bowel movements are very dark in appearance, or have a grainy, coffee ground look to them, this is most commonly due to an upper gastrointestinal bleed (esophagus, stomach, small intestine) when blood and bile mix to produce black.

Why does my poop look like it has fat on it?

Too much fat in your feces is called steatorrhea. It can be a sign of malabsorption. This means your body either isn’t absorbing nutrients properly or isn’t making the enzymes or bile needed to digest food effectively.

What does unhealthy stools look like?

If you notice that your stools are white, clay-colored, or chalky grey, you should see your doctor. 8 Pale or light-colored stool may also be shiny or greasy, floating, and foul-smelling, due to undigested fat in the stool.

Why does my stool look like coffee grounds?

See a doctor if changes to poop persist for 2 or more weeks. Seek immediate medical treatment if the stool is bright red, black, or resembles coffee grounds. This suggests blood loss, which could become a medical emergency if left untreated.