Quick Answer: What Is Microscope Short Answer?

What are the 2 main types of microscopes?

There are two main types of microscope:light microscopes are used to study living cells and for regular use when relatively low magnification and resolution is enough.electron microscopes provide higher magnifications and higher resolution images but cannot be used to view living cells..

What is the microscope?

A microscope is an instrument that makes an enlarged image of a small object, thus revealing details too small to be seen by the unaided eye. The most familiar kind of microscope is the optical microscope, which uses visible light focused through lenses.

What is microscope short note?

A microscope is a scientific instrument. It makes small objects look larger. This lets people see the small things. … The earliest microscopes had only one lens and are called simple microscopes. Compound microscopes have at least two lenses.

What is simple and compound microscope?

A simple microscope uses the optical power of single lens or group of lenses for magnification. A compound microscope uses a system of lenses (one set enlarging the image produced by another) to achieve much higher magnification of an object.

What is a microscope made of?

Lenses are given an antireflective coating, usually of magnesium fluoride. The eyepiece, the objective, and most of the hardware components are made of steel or steel and zinc alloys. A child’s microscope may have an external body shell made of plastic, but most microscopes have an body shell made of steel.

What are 4 types of microscopes?

There are several different types of microscopes used in light microscopy, and the four most popular types are Compound, Stereo, Digital and the Pocket or handheld microscopes. Some types are best suited for biological applications, where others are best for classroom or personal hobby use.