Quick Answer: How Do I Return XFi Pods?

How do I return Comcast equipment to coronavirus?

Drop off your equipment at any Xfinity Store or Comcast Service Center.

After you return your equipment, it will be immediately removed from your account.

Our team at the Xfinity Store will provide you with a receipt confirming your return details..

How do I factory reset my xFi pod?

Resetting a xFi Pod is as simple as removing it via the xFi app.Open Xfinity xFi app and select Network at the bottom.Select the Pod you’d like to remove.Select Remove Pod.Unplug the Pod from the wall.

Do the xFi pods work?

The Pods only work with Comcast’s app and gateway. If you own your own modem or router (for Wi-Fi), the Pods will not work. If you switch providers, the xFi Pods will stop working. … You cannot have Wi-Fi guest networks or different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz channels.

How long do you have to return Comcast equipment?

You have 14 days from when your device was shipped (or purchased in a retail store) to initiate a return or exchange. The device must be activated before being returned.

What happens if I dont return Comcast equipment?

If you don’t return the equipment Comcast will evetually turn the matter over to a collection agency. The agency will attempt to collect the money for the unreturned equipment. It will go against your credit score if not paid in a timely manner or not paid at all.