Question: Who Is The Best PUBG Player 2019?

How do you get 10 kills in PUBG?

Depending on the plane route and which hot-drop is the nearest, always try to land in either Novorepnoye, Military Base, Pochinki or Georgopol.

When there are many players in one place, there is usually more loot.

After leaving the landing area for the next town, you should have around 5-10 kills..

What is good KD in PUBG?

A person who has kd between 2 and 4 is a good player and has good gaming skills. He can be compared to a pro player. A person who has kd above 4 is a pro player and has high gaming skills. He is able to finish squads alone and may play safe like pubg streamer panda.

Is being a girl in PUBG better?

But the truth is, the female character can give you a competitive advantage over the male character. Wondering how? Female characters are slightly harder to detect over distance, even though the hitboxes for both male and female characters are the same in the game.

Who gets kill in PUBG?

The kill count goes to the person who’s shot knocked out/killed the player. It’s not about giving the first shot but it’s all about that one last kill shot. This is fun when playin war mode.. to get kills mainly when you have kar98k wait for a enemy to get knocked out and take 1 or maximum 2 shots..

How do you kill enemies fast in PUBG?

Please Help.” And the only answer the gamer had was, “Practice War Mode’. The Mode helps you improve reflexes and spot enemies quicker. Remember, the more time you spend on the War Mode, the higher your chances to get more kills in PUBG Mobile.

Who is the God of PUBG mobile?

Coffin aka SP-CoffinCoffin aka SP-Coffin (recent name) is a professional PUBG Mobile player from Turkey. Coffin is known as God of PUBG Mobile.

Who is better dynamo or mortal?

The better player Both Mortal and Dynamo are exceptional players, with all the necessary skills to be professional PUBG Mobile players. It is difficult to compare them head-to-head, however. Although Dynamo used to play on the PC using an emulator, his instincts in PUBG were similar to an experienced mobile player.

Who has the highest KD in PUBG?

ROHAN DPIn TPP duo mode, ROHAN DP has the highest KD in PUBG Mobile which is 9.62. He made 4060 kills after 422 matches. Then, the player with nickname CLUTH has the highest KD ratio in the TPP squad mode.

What is PUBG character?

PUBG Mobile has announced that a new character is joining the battle royale game. Andy is the fourth character and it will be present alongside Victor, Carlo, and Sara in the game. … You can know more about PUBG Mobile’s new character here.

Who is the No 1 PUBG player in India?

Here are five of the highest-earning players when it comes to PUBG. Naman Mathur who is very popularly known as Mortal has become one of the biggest names in the Indian PUBG scene and has proved it as he currently possesses 5 million subscribers and a whopping 580 million combined video views.

Who is the fastest PUBG player in the world?

Wing Yan QiuWorld’s fastest player in Pubg mobile | Wing Yan Qiu | Electrify Gaming.

Who is God of PUBG?


What’s the most kills in PUBG?

There are 92 kills in a single maych. A Man with big mooches Make a new PUBG world record with 92 kills in single match.

Why do I keep getting killed in PUBG?

Unnecessary looting will get you killed If you just killed a player who was running out if the open, you running down to loot their gear is putting you in the exact same position they were just in. You’re now out in the open, plus the sound of the gunfire has attracted other players to the location.

What is special character in PUBG?

The game lets its players set their character names once after signing up with a new account. If a player wants to change their in-game name, he/she can do it by using the Rename Card. Using special symbols in in-game character names help make the names appear cool and attract attention.

Who is the best PUBG player in the world 2020?

Top five PUBG Mobile players in 2020:Paraboy (Image Credits: Liquipedia)Luxxy (Image Credits: Liquipedia)D2E (Image Credits: Liquipedia)Jonathan (Image Credits: Liquipedia)Image Credits: Coffin.

Which character is best in PUBG?

Carlo is one of the best-looking characters in the game. He has a fabulous hairstyle and outfit. Carlo has a special ability, and that is to reduce fall damage by 24% when upgraded to Level 9. The price of Carlo is 1200 UC or 1200 character vouchers.

Is PUBG banned in India?

PUBG is Ban in India – The Battle Royal video game; PUBG is one of the most played game among youngers. Earlier, we knew that the Indian Govt had banned 59 Chinese Apps in India. As per the latest news, the Indian Govt has decided to ban 47 apps, and the list of the apps to be banned will be released soon.