Question: What Is ASP In Medical?

What does APS ASP stand for?

ASPApplication Service Provider Computing » Telecom — and more…ASPAmerican Society of Parasitologists Medical » VeterinaryASPAdvanced Simple Profile Computing » NetworkingASPAccredited Staging Professional Business » Occupation & PositionsASPAmerican Society of Primatologists Medical » Veterinary20 more rows.

What does ASP mean in technology?

application service providerAn application service provider (ASP) is a business providing computer-based services to customers over a network; such as access to a particular software application (such as customer relationship management) using a standard protocol (such as HTTP).

What is an ASP?

ASP has two different meanings in the IT world: 1) Application Service Provider, and 2) Active Server Page. 1) Application Service Provider. An Application Service Provider is a company or organization that provides software applications to customers over the Internet.

What is difference between ASP and ASPX?

ASPX runs on . Net framework. ASP uses VBScript for its code. … ASP.NET offers the programmer the ability to develop applications using an event-driven GUI model, whereas ASP offers conventional Web-scripting environments.

What is ASP in military?

Ammo Supply Point. Military, Ammo, Supply. ASP. Ammunition Storage Point. Military, Force, Ministry Of Defence.

What does default ASP mean?

When visiting your site’s homepage, you’ll notice “/default. asp” at the end of the URL. You’ll also be redirected to this URL when entering your store’s primary domain name in your browser’s URL bar. The /default. asp suffix is necessary for displaying your various homepage elements correctly.

What does ASP stand for in medical terms?

application service providerAbbreviation for application service provider.

Is ASP still used?

ASP remains supported until 14 January 2020 on Windows 7. The use of ASP pages will be supported on Windows 8 for a minimum of 10 years from the Windows 8 release date. ASP is currently supported in all available versions of IIS.

Is ASP NET front end?

ASP . NET is a multipurpose web development framework. It can be used to build full-stack (front-end + back-end) applications (with MVC + Razor), front-end applications (using Blazor), and back-end applications (using MVC and Web API).

What is the use of ASP?

ASP.NET is an open source, server-side web application framework created by Microsoft that runs on Windows and was started in the early 2000s. ASP.NET allows developers to create web applications, web services, and dynamic content-driven websites.

What is full form of ASP?

ASP stands for active server pages and it is a server-side script engine for building web pages. ASP is basically a server page that contains embedded programs in it.

What is ASP price?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The average selling price (ASP) of goods or commodities is the average price at which a particular product or commodity is sold across channels or markets. The term is especially used in the retail sector and technology distribution.

What does ASP stand for in pharmacy?

Average Sales PricePage 1. What is the Average Sales Price (ASP) for drugs and how does CMS calculate the ASP-based payment limit? In 2005, Congress enacted legislation that changed the way Medicare priced Part B drugs.

What does ASP mean in text?

At Some PointASP means “At Some Point”. The abbreviation ASP is typically used in text-based communications with the meaning “At Some Point”; i.e., at an unspecified moment in time, usually in the future.

What does ASP NET stand for?

Active Server PagesASP and ASP.NET Tutorials. ❮ Home Next ❯ ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP is a development framework for building web pages.