Question: How Many People Does 25 Lbs Of Rice Serve?

How many people does a 25 pound bag of rice serve?

Typically, a standard serving of uncooked rice is 1/2 of a cup.

One pound of uncooked rice is typically 2 cups.

So, there are 4 servings per pound of uncooked rice.

With 25 pounds of uncooked rice, that would be enough to feed 100 people (25 pounds of rice * 4 servings per pound = 100 servings total)..

How many servings are in a 20 pound bag of rice?

How many cups of rice can a 20 pound bag make? There are roughly 10 servings per 1 lb bag . 1 cup makes 2 servings , so around 5 cups .

How many people will 50 lbs of rice feed?

A 50 lb bag of rice contains 250 servings.

How many cups of rice are in a 25 pound bag?

100 cupsThere are approximately 18 cups in the 4.5 pound bag, 52 cups in the 13 pound bag and 100 cups in the 25 pound bag.