Question: How Do I Delete Recharge History On My Jio App?

How do I delete Google search history on Jio phone?

You simply tap and hold the item from a list of the search queries.

A dialog box appears ‘Remove from search history’.

Tap OK to remove Google search history from your phone.

The second way is to manually select the search queries to remove that you do not want to show them..

How do I delete messages details from my Jio app?

You can not delete your Jio data usage and call details. All these information is stored on Jio server on in jio app. There’s no option to delete your call/data/sms history from Jio app.

How do I clear my Jio cinema history?

You can find ‘Resume Watching’ section on your Home screen. You can also remove content by tapping on the cross button present on the thumbnail. Your ‘Resume Watching’ section syncs across devices for same user credentials.

Does Reliance Jio save your browsing history?

Like Jio may know you regularly visits Quora but they don’t know what you read/write/up-votes or just your activities in that site until Quora just split it out from it’s database.

How do I clear storage on my Jio phone?

Open your device’s Settings app.Scroll down and touch ‘Storage & USB’Touch ‘Apps’ and choose the app.Touch ‘Clear cache’ or ‘Clear data’.

How do I switch accounts on my Jio app?

for all your services and also complete recharges for all the linked accounts.Here’s how you can use the MyJio app for multiple Jio accounts-Sign in to MyJio.On the home page, tap on ‘Link new account’ and select the product type.To link a new mobile – enter the number which you want to link & validate the OTP.More items…

How do I delete activity from my Jio phone?

How to delete the individual items in my activityOpen the device settings on your Android phone or tablet. … Tap on ‘Data and Personalization’ you will find at the top.Tap on ‘My Activity’ you will find under ‘Activity and Timeline’.Locate the items you wish to delete and to do this, you can follow two methods.More items…•

How do I permanently delete my call history on my SIM card?

Open your Phone App from Home Screen on your Android phone.Now, choose Recent option.Go to the Call history tab.After that choose the Clear call history menu.A dialog box will appear.

How do I delete linked account on Jio app?

Using MyJio App:Sign In to MyJio.Tap on ‘Settings icon’ from the Menu.Select ‘Manage Accounts’ option.Tap on the ‘Remove’ icon to remove the respective linked account.

How do I manually delete search activity?

Delete your activity manuallyOn your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.At the top, tap Data & personalization.Under “Activity and timeline,” tap My Activity.To the right of the search bar, tap More. … Below “Delete Activity,” tap All time.Tap Delete.

How do I check my browsing history on my Jio phone?

Jio doesn’t provide an option to check your browsing history. If you want to check it just open your browser and go to history section . OR open your Google account in your browser and check your recent searches through there ( Google save your searches and browsing history as default if you are using Android).